What Is The Cascara Latte?

Cascara latte is made by steeping ground cascara, which is the dried fruit that is left over after harvesting coffee beans, in either water or milk for up to 12 hours, or until all of the caffeine has been extracted into the liquid base.Cascara is a coffee byproduct that is removed when coffee beans are harvested.After that, it is combined with cream, sugar, and syrups, and it is either heated or chilled before being given to the customer.

In the Starbucks® Cascara Latte, espresso, steamed milk, and cascara syrup are combined, and the finished product is topped with velvety foam. The drink is finished with a trademark straight line of cascara topping, which is a sprinkling of cascara topping produced with cascara extract and cane sugar. This line is meant to resemble the inside of a coffee cherry.

What is a cascara coffee?

Cascara is still relatively new to the market in the United States, but it is a fascinating component of the experience of drinking specialty coffee. Cascara is a wonderfully unique way to experience another delicious component of a plant that we have all become pretty fond of. It may be brewed either hot or cold, depending on your preference.

How is cascara made?

At Finca Kilimanjaro, the coffee cherries are processed in such a way that the seeds are removed and the cherries are kept whole.After being thoroughly cleaned, the entire cherries have part of the cherry flesh that was attached to the husk removed.After that, the cherries are packed and prepared for transportation after being let to dry out on raised beds.Cascara does not taste anything like coffee when it is brewed, despite the fact that it originates from the coffee plant.

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Why choose Aida cascara?

Cascara is still produced by Aida, who began drying coffee cherries more than ten years ago and continues to make some of the world’s most sought-after examples of the product. There is a spectrum of quality that differs among farmers that produce cascara, and processing it at the farm level takes the same amount of attention to detail as coffee does. Cascara is also sold at a higher price.

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