How To Make Espresso Martini Without Espresso Maker?

Employ the appropriate components, as described before.

How to make espresso at home without an espresso machine?

– A conical burr grinder for an uniform and even grind – A scale with a timer, to remove all the guessing (remember, you’re conducting research) – An electric kettle with a temperature control – – Coffee beans of a high grade, ideally those from Atlas Coffee

How to make the perfect home espresso?

  1. Choose your filter basket. Multiple filter baskets are included with the purchase of a manual espresso machine. These filter baskets are the sections that clip onto the group handle (the part of the machine that has spouts).
  2. Make sure your coffee is ready. If you want to create espresso, it’s a good idea to have a burr coffee grinder so that you can ground the beans whenever you need them
  3. Put some milk in your coffee.
  4. Pour your espresso.

How to make espresso martini with licorice and rum?

  1. A shaker for cocktails
  2. A strainer, in the event that the shaker you are using does not already have one built in
  3. Something to use to measure the spirits and the other components
  4. This may be a jigger or it could just be some measuring spoons

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