What Roast Is Best For Espresso?

When you first start experimenting with different roasts in the quest to make the ideal espresso, you should start with a medium roast.Beans that have been roasted for a period of time that is somewhat longer than the ″second crack″ will have a color that is rich and black, and there will be some oil that is visible on the surface.The roasting temperature is approximately 25 degrees Fahrenheit greater than that of medium roasts.

Is espresso strong or light roast coffee?

  1. There are still some specialty coffee shops out there that make espresso with light roast coffee, despite the fact that espresso has long been known to be a robust and bitter kind of coffee.
  2. After all, espresso doesn’t always call for a dark or medium roast of the coffee beans.
  3. Light roast is your best choice if you’re looking for a cup of coffee that’s flavorful and nuanced, with notes of fruit and flowers.

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