What To Do With Lemon Peel Espresso?

When lemon peels are twisted, the natural oils that are contained inside them are released. After giving the lemon peel a few twists, you should massage the oils from the peel into the rim of your cup. This will leave behind a little lemon flavor that you’ll be able to taste as you sip your espresso – it will be similar to the salt rim that is on a margarita glass.

Now, you can have these lemon peels served alongside your espresso coffee in the vast majority of coffee shops and espresso bars, such as Caffe Romano or Espresso Italiano, etc.You may either twist these lemon peels to release the oil and put it in your coffee, or you can just apply the oil to the sides of your espresso coffee cup.A few fresh lemon peels are included with each individual serving of Espresso Romano.

What is espresso served with lemon?

In the United States, many people have the misconception that espresso is an ancient creation of Italian culture; yet, in Italy, it is quite uncommon to find espresso served with lemon. They want their coffee served with various additions, such as milk, sugar, whiskey, etc.

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