How Do You Make Latte Art?

Prepare shots of espresso. Brewing Starbucks ® Espresso Roast Whole Bean coffee in an espresso machine is the method that comes most highly recommended by our team.

How to make your own latte art at home?

  1. Coffee Being Poured For the perfect espresso, use your go-to Nespresso coffee capsule.
  2. Creating a foam with the milk Make frothed milk with your Aerocino machine by using it to steam milk, or Utilize the steam wand that came with your Nespresso machine in conjunction with a jug, or Use your cappuccino
  3. The touch of a Barista Turn the cup that has the coffee on its side and then gradually begin to pour in the milk

How to make perfect latte art with steamed milk?

  1. Whole milk. When you buy a latte at a coffee shop, whole milk and milk with a fat content of 2 percent are most likely the types of milk that are used
  2. Nonfat. When compared to whole milk, nonfat milk has a significantly lower percentage of fat, which makes it more difficult to steam.
  3. Non-dairy. The velvety taste of espresso may be appreciated by even more people when it is diluted with non-dairy beverages.

How to make latte art recipe?

  1. Get ready to create the latte art: You should grind the espresso beans and tamp them, but you shouldn’t draw the shot.
  2. Prepare the espresso by using a shot glass and an espresso machine to create two individual servings of espresso, which should then be poured into a cup.
  3. To give the milk a steamed appearance, heat the steam wand.
  4. Create some latte art (but not before watching the video first!) Tap the milk bottle on the counter, and then swirl it to break up any big bubbles that may have formed

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